Signal Generation

Our proprietary Signal Generation service is a powerful tool in the institutional investor's toolkit. Leveraging Invalert’s Data Analysis pool, this system is engineered to craft Buy and Sell orders tailored specifically to each client’s portfolio. The stringent set of criteria we employ guarantees that signals are generated only when a confluence of pertinent conditions are met. Signals generated by Invalert AI go above and beyond ordinary trend signals, and they achieve this by not only signifying a direction, but also specifying 3 points of interest: Entry Price, Take Profit level, and Stop Loss level. This package of tangible information can provide a quantified risk assessment approach, with limited downside and configurable Earning Targets.

Determined by each client’s Risk Aversion Analysis, both profit and loss levels are adjustable to various tolerance levels. When incorporated into automated trading, these signals place a Buy/Sell signal followed by an OCO, effectively creating an Isolated Position.

With our Signal Generation service, our clients benefit from a system that translates complex data into direct and tangible actions, aiding them in capturing optimal market opportunities.
This intelligent system streamlines the decision-making process, eliminating any guesswork, and when needed, automates the execution of these signals, therefore not only helping traders seize market opportunities faster but also fortifying their risk management strategy.

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