Frequently Asked Questions

Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and you can find some of "FAQ" here.


How does your algorithm work?

Unique algorithm of invalert is a trend miner. It is developed to work on data of crypto coins. If it catches an uptrend or a downtrend, instantly generates an alert.

Which crypto coins are in the list?

You can check “Crypto Coins” from main menu. It is an active list. Check there regularly. https://www.invalert.com/crypto-coins.html

Is there any limit for number of alerts?

Nope! If you subscribe, you are able to get unlimited number of crypto alerts.

Is registration free?

Yes! Registration is free. Sign up now and start to check alerts history.

How can I subscribe?

After your registration, you can see the subscription types in your user panel. Choose one and do your payment. That’s all.

How can I get alerts via Telegram?

It’s simple. After you start your subscribtion, your telegram id is added to telegram group (subscribers only). You are able to check your telegram id is added or not in your user panel. When you are in telegram group, you start to get alerts instantly.

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