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Market Data Analysis

Our AI-powered algorithms analyze historical and live trading data of listed crypto coins, considering factors such as price movements, trading volume, and market trends.
Our AI-powered algorithms analyze factors such as historical and live price data, trading volume, market trends and sentiment, allowing our clientele to stay ahead of the competition and uncover valuable trading opportunities.
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Portfolio Structuring

Each client is walked through a series of assessments to help find their ideal investment objectives and characteristics (i.e. existing investments, risk aversion, etc.), thus determining the optimal asset allocation strategy and potential diversification opportunities.
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Automated Trading

Our Dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface where our clients - whether they are a small family office or a fully fetched trading desk - can adjust their profit/loss expectations and automate their trades across multiple platforms, all via a few simple steps. The list of exchanges supported by our API integration grows constantly.
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Periodic Reporting

Regardless of which Industry you belong to, or what asset classes you are interested in, Invalert AI mines the most relevant market news and developments, pinpoints potential market correlations, and generates executive reports at your frequency of choice, so you can stay focused on making the important decisions.
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Real-Time Support & Maintenance

Our platform's integrated chat feature enables users to troubleshoot problems and receive support in real-time, facilitating efficient communication. In cases where no one is immediately available to assist, customers are smoothly redirected to email, ensuring that their inquiries are documented and attended to promptly. With seamless correspondence, our clients can enhance their trading experience and operate more efficiently and reliably.
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